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We need Volunteers to make the 2022 AB/NWT Regional Championship a Stupendous Event!!

Benefits a Volunteer would recieve at our event ......

- Front row seat to see the best dogs/handlers in the country maneuver around the agility courses 
- We will be having a volunteer raffle each day, with goodies donated by Vendors, Sponspors and Compeitiors 
- There will be a ary of food and drinks available in the volunteer tent throughout the day, water also will be provided at each ring
- Custom Regionals Volunteers Tshirt (For All Day Volunteers)


If Interested in Volunteering and for more INFORMATION

Moto Agility is hosting a Offical AAC Trial June 11/12, 2022 at Druids Rugby Field in Sherwood Park
If you are interested in learning how the Volunteer jobs work and try your hand at the position or just to see Agility in action 

If intereseted in dontating to the Volunteer Raffle email

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