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Meaghan and Teri are available for teaching Seminars together or Separately


Both are also UKI and AAC Masters Level Judges and are interested in combining Judging and coming in for a Seminar back to back.

They are both able to teach everything from the ground up, here are some examples of seminar sessions they have offered:

- Young Dog

- Small Sequencing

- Foundation Handling

- Footwork

- Stopped Contacts

- Running Contacts

- Weave Skills

- Distance Work

- Gamblers 

- Snooker

- Course Anayalsis

- Masters Coursework

- International Coursework

- Regionals Prep

and much more if you are interested in these or any other topic just let us know.

Up Coming Dates/Locations
Feb 24-26 - Simcoe, ON
Feb 25-26 - Victoria, BC 

Mar 4-5 - Regina, SK 
Mar 11-12 Wisconsin, USA
Mar 11-12 Calgary, AB

Apr 1-2 Kamloops, BC 

May 5-6 NB 
May 6-7 Saskatoon, Sk 
May 20-21 Abbotsford, BC

Registration Here

June 2-4 Ontario 
June 30-July 2 - Edm, Moto Retreat

Aug 25-27 Quebec 

Sept 7-10 Manitoba 
Sept 14-17 Edm, Moto Retreat 2 

Oct 20-23 NB 
Oct 28-29 Victoria, BC 

Nov 25-26 Courtney, Bc 

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