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Moto Agility

#97 - 51022 RR 221

Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

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" With all the pandemic things going on and not being able to attend my regular agility classes, I seen that Teri O'Neill from MOTO Agility was offering online agility handling and footwork classes. She’s always been an inspirational handler to me.

If anyone has witnessed Chrome run in agility, you will know that I have had a very difficult time with her mindset and jump skills. Also being a newer handler myself, we have had our fair share of struggles. She would much rather chase me through any course, barking her head off, while knocking every single bar in the process.

Taking Teri’s handling course, really showed me where Chrome and I were both lacking in skills and communication. So I decided to sign her up for the online footwork course to break down the skills.

Teri’s prompt, precise, and very helpful feedback have helped Chrome and I tremendously!

As a handler, my footwork for all the crosses has improved allowing me to better communicate with my dog and get to where I need to be, without being in my dog’s way.
Breaking down each of these skills and handling moves has also helped Chrome to understand her take off spots better, meaning less bars, as well as understand me better to complete the task.

Overall, our teamwork has improved and there’s new goals for the future!

Thank you SO MUCH Teri and MOTO Agility for your patience and assistance as me and Chrome improve together!

I recommend any of Teri’s programs for anyone who wants a challenge or to brush up on skills! "

                                                                                                                                                                                      Jess Curran

" I've made some big progress in my handling skills since starting to work with Meaghan, and have had fun stepping out of my comfort zone. I needed to adjust my handling style for my new dog and the results have been great so far. We made great (double) strides in our running A-frame training and I now feel confident that I could train it with any dog. I've mostly done private training but the classes have been great as well - very active and no hesitation in adjusting the training to your dog's needs "

                                                 Jenn Baurer                                                                                                                                                                          



" I have had the pleasure of working with Teri O’Neill for the past 4 years. I have been in numerous seminars, I have been coached at trials, I have taken several online courses, and privates with her. I have learned so much from Teri, as it was not so long ago that the notion of a ‘cross’ was an impossible ‘concept’, and she was so patient and kind to me because I was full of frustration and anxiety. Now she kicks my butt in class and knows I have the skills to do what she is asking, and I appreciate that! She builds confidence in her students and makes it so much fun! I have gained so many important handling and competing skills from her coaching, and from watching Teri run her amazing dogs. Teri O’Neill is a top coach and mentor. She is very generous, thoughtful, and can work with any level of handler/dog. Not every instructor can do that, or is interested in doing that. Teri has a real gift for teaching and training, and I always look forward to working with her. Teri is helping me achieve goals I never thought I would be able to set a few short years ago. "


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Rae Staseson 

" Awesome weekend of learning! Meaghan and Teri are totally professional. So supportive yet firm, approachable and knowledgeable. My dog and I do not have national or worlds on our list of goals, we just want to have efficient and safe fun. Teri and Megan tailor their feedback and expectations to each team. They are such talented competitors yet so generous in sharing their knowledge and experience. I would absolutely recommend MOTO to any team at any level in their agility journey. Thank you Megan and Teri for helping us improve! "


                                                                                                    Gab and Barney

" Took privates with Meaghan to retrain contacts with my border. After 6 weeks the contacts especially the A-frame was significantly better. Meaghan was positive, firm and never gave up on trying to find a solution to my problem. She is very knowledgeable and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you and your dog achieve your goals "

                                      Judy Hudson

" I first met Teri O'Neill at one of her seminars a couple years ago. I was so impressed with her eye for detail, particularly in handling.  She provided supportive, kind feedback that was clear and helpful.  She was quickly able to point out areas that I could improve on to be a better teammate for my dog.   When she returned to Ontario for a second seminar, I immediately signed up for it and was not disappointed.   Again, Teri showed her unique ability to find subtle changes that make a big difference in how I communicate with my dog.  


I am now working with Teri online through one on one coaching.  Like in person, her feedback is clear and applicable.  I appreciate how she can break down handling and sequences and tell me how to get the best out of my Border Collie, Zest.   I highly recommend Teri to anyone who is looking to be the best agility partner for their dog.  Thank you, Teri! "

                                                        Hannah Chambers

"Attention to detail is great and they both have a great passion for agility "

                                                                                                              Lindi Venter

" Teri’s class has helped my handling of crosses be so much more effective. I have a much better understanding of where I need to be on course when I cue and to be more precise with my body movements to help my dog. The condensed size of courses makes you think and move faster. Teri’s comments are super clear, with photo annotations so there is no question about what needs to be improved and how to do it. Loved this course. Highly recommend! "                                          

Peggy Weigle

" Excellent instruction for any level of team. They stay current with international course requirements but can also teach beginners. I love how they truly care how their students do. Highly recommend "

                                                        Erin McLaughlin

" Last year I took two online classes (Footwork & Short Sequences) with Teri after some friends raved about a seminar they had taken with her. The content was amazing and the feedback very detailed and individualized to me and my dogs. After attending a seminar with Teri in the Fall I decided to do some private online running contacts training with her. I love that she didn’t let me get frustrated with what I saw as sometimes slow progress because WOW what a difference it has made, especially for my younger dog. Thanks for encouraging me stay with the program and not give up or move too quickly . . . the process was slow yes, but so worth it to see how far they have come. Thanks! PS. I also took Meaghan’s online Gamble course last year and was pushed way out of my comfort zone but loved the different skills we covered. Things I had never considered trying! "


                                                                                                                                Mel Lunn


" Great trainers that continuously compete at a world level. They push and challenge you and your dog to do your best, and go further than you think you can. Seminars are always a great learning experience with lots of one on one training.They, as well, design awesome courses for trials that push you the same way. I completely recommend MOTO "

                                               Jenn Coltman

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