Short Sequences 


This class is to help teams figure out what cross to put where, and how to perform each cross.
This class will run for 6 sessions, a session posted every 2 weeks. 

We will be working in a 50 X 50 space but you can use smaller or bigger. You will need a tunnel and a max of 7 jumps.

Each lesson, will include a written explanation and pictures of me running the drills with my dogs ( most drills will be with a big and small dog to show the difference in the dogs lines) 

The group will be on a private facebook page, Working spots can post post videos and questions and Auditors can post questions on any post 

Cost  Working spot $175

           Auditor spot $100

Start date Feb 15, 2020

Running Contacts 


I offer private running contact classes or groups classes. How to move from a Stop contact to a Running Contact, or Learning from the ground up

Dogwalk and/or Frame contacts 

If interested contact me on Facebook ( Teri O'Neill ) or email